Saturday, July 28, 2012

Return of the Chicks!

It's been a long time since the FORCEbook Fangirls did a podcast, but we are back! Host @Adam_West is busy growing the next generation of Star Wars fan, but we hope to see her return as soon as she's able.

Our return episode, Return of the Chicks!, aired live, Friday, July 27th  at 11:00 PM EST. Yes, I know it's late, but good things are worth staying up for and you can listen to each episode on demand to suit your own schedule. Although, you will have to stay up late to dial in with comments and questions during future episodes. 

This episode features information about what is and why we use it. As well as reasons why you should join. 

The remainder of the episode focuses on Star Wars Celebration VI. Where we discuss things to do while you're there, tips for attending celebration, what fangirls will be wearing and theFORCEbook @ Star Wars Celebration VI PartyTo hear what you missed, please follow this link. 

Featured URLs
Star Wars Celebration official website
@Strwrsgrl on
@McJazzie on
@Strwrsgrl's blog
More fangirl t-shirts 

If there's a website mentioned on the show that is not listed here and you would like the web address. Please leave a comment requesting it below.

Finally, please leave comments after listening to the show. Your feedback will make us strong with the FORCE.

May theFORCEbook Be With You, Always!