Clone Words


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Did we really think that we would be able to talk about The Clone Wars in a tiny little segment, lol. We will give you highlights of our comments during our podcasts and then post the full discussion here as an extra.
Funniest moments:


Fangirls swoon for Lux Bonteri
 @mcjazzie's can't resist a comment about Election 2012
- See if you can find it , lol.

Missed Opportunity
They should have had Saw say Leia's line From Episode IV -
This is some rescue.

When you came in here, didn't you have a plan for getting out?

Onderon Arc Ratings



@kweh-chan aka Lizzimoidian




Two sabers and one mechno-chair up...I think that amounts to all three of us giving the arc a thumbs up, lol.

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