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Fangirl Interview - @Kweh-chan aka Lizzimoidian

Kweh-chan aka Lizzimoidian

Friday, October 19th at 11:00 PM EST 

@Kweh-chan, Star Wars Fangirl: Nutty for Neimoidians - Devoted to Duros!
In this week's podcast we will return to our roots exploring the Star Wars fangirl phenomena, where we discuss how our guest became a Star Wars fangirl, as well as how she lets her freak flag fly.

This week's fangirl-guest will be Lizzimoidian aka @Kweh-chan on Not only is she "Nutty for Neimoidians and Devoted to Duros", but she is also a very talented multimedia artist whose work has been published in Teekay-421 magazine & on Join us as we get to know more about her and her Star Wars art.

Our Guest:
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RECAP - Additional Info

Lizzi uses Paint Tool SAI for her wonderful creations.
Kweh-chan's Spirit Day Submission

Interviewing Lizzi was so much fun that we ran out of time before getting to the following question. Her response was eloquent, charming and very much worth posting for all to see:

What do you like most about the Neimoidians and Duros? and What role have they played in your life?

Lizzi's Response:

What do I like most about them? I think it's more a matter of what DON'T I like most about them. If we're talking physically, it has to be their eyes. They're like jewels - the brightness, the iridescence of the ferrous deposits (Neimoidians get an iron build-up in their eyes, which gives them a golden tint - true fact!), and the softness yet boldness of their pupils. Just beautiful! I'd collect Neimoidian eyes like one collects rocks, were it not so cruel. I also have an affinity for their adorable feet. If you've never seen a Neimoidian foot, have a look at my Neimoidian anatomy charts, or try and find concept art for The Clone Wars episode "The Senate Spy." There are some toga-clad Neimoidian statues in Lott Dod's palace, and their open-toed sandals give an excellent view of their feet. 

Otherwise, I think what I like best about the Neimoidians and the Duros, as a whole, is that you really get a bit of everything with them. You've got friendly, adventurous Duros, and the refined and reserved Neimoidians; explorer and aristocrat, pilot and noble. Both are intelligent and incredibly beautiful. I do, admittedly, lean slightly more towards the Neimoidians; not only are they familiar in terms of culture and diplomacy, when compared with my own life, but, as I said, they're refined, they're mellow, they appreciate beauty and the finer things life has to offer. I also think they have generally softer physical features than the hardy Duros, and are easier on the eye.

As for what role they've played in my life, while they have, more or less, and in one way or another, been there for the majority of my life, it's really only in the past three years that they've played a significant role. First, they've been my art subject of choice since early 2010; because of their constant influence and inspiration, they've allowed me to improve my art to points I never thought I'd reach. They've influenced my spending habits, considerably, since I began my Neimoidian/Duros collection, and, on a more personal level, they've given me a constant refuge and source of joy and have seen me through some incredibly difficult times. Most significantly, however, I think, in many ways, they've caused me to readjust my social views and become more open-minded. The one thing you constantly have to remind yourself is "they are NOT human," and, therefore, do not follow human standards. Different things are acceptable and unacceptable to them than to us; if we continually judge everything with respect only to ourselves, and never in another being's or person's terms, then it becomes extremely easy to fall into prejudice and hate. While I say this with regards to Neimoidians, I think it's actually a very big life lesson we can all learn. 

"You never really know a man until you understand things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it" - To Kill a Mockingbird

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We will also preview our new recurring segment Clone Words where we critique previous episodes of the Clone Wars that have aired since our last podcast. We are still crazy for Clone Wars! - UPDATE - Due to the apparent 3-story arc for Onderon, McJazzie & I are going to wait and critique the entire arc on the next podcast November 2, 2012. 

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