Friday, November 16, 2012

Lin-zy Busch has the Power of the Force, FanGirl!

Friday, November 16th at 11:00 PM EST

Meet Lin-Zy...She illustrates...she fabricates...she even rocks puppetry. She's an all around creative visionary!

The Power of the FORCE Girls were born when Lin-Zy wondered,“what would happen if George Lucas (Star Wars, Indiana Jones) and Craig McCracken (Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory) fell in love and had a baby, creatively-speaking.”
Lin-Zy is a professional artist who has illustrated and designed for Star Wars, Hollywood is Dead and Dodge Charger (We all know that's a personal favorite of mine!). Lin-Zy was also asked to participate in the “As You Wish” charity art helmet project at Star Wars Celebration VI, this August 23-16 in Orlando, Florida and designed her helmet into a Lego Star Wars Clone Trooper. Lin-Zy has described herself as, "the biggest fan-girl there is." We can't wait to chat with her about life, art and Star Wars!
Our Guest: Lin-Zy Busch
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Power of the Force Girls

What fun it was interviewing celebrity fangirl Lin-Zy Busch. Lin-Zy advised us that the next episode of the Power of the Force Girls will most likely appear around June 2013. During our conversation that was not aired, Lin-Zy revealed that she and Matt Busch are planning an extended trip to several countries in the Far East and therefore will not be attending any conventions until after their return early next year. 
Lin-Zy also mentioned that she is working on several new projects yet to be released and still quite hush-hush. We can't wait to see these works once released. Lin-Zy was able to share that she is working on some new puppet characters as well.
Other big news is that Lin-Zy will be producing the film written and directed by, her awesome husband, Matt Busch - Aladdin 3477, the 1500 year anniversary of Star Wars (This was a major anniversary episode, lol). Check out the web page at You can also check out the youtube video announcing the film. Happy belated Birthday Matt!

Looks like many interesting things on the horizon for Lin-Zy & Matt Busch!

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